Water Purification


Water Purification

Moringa Oleifera seeds, including the byproduct of seed-oil extraction, (the “press-cake”), have been researched and found to be a highly efficient water purification medium (here). In addition, the proposal herewith has tested and verified that the press-cake exhibits high-performance water clarification properties.

Even used in its raw form, the seed cake can be distributed to local households, villages and communities for water purification use. Combined with a simple Slow-Sand-Filter (SSF), the seed-cake “activates” the Sand as a flocculant and can be reused for a period up to 5 years.

The crushed seed-cake is a thus highly efficient, 100% natural/organic, eco-friendly substitute for Alum-based water flocculators, in itself a multi-billion dollar market in domestic (pools), public (utilities) and industrial (various) uses.

A significant market is discernable in developing the press-cake into cartridges used in pressurized filtration systems (as presently done with carbon/charcoal). Presented in this format, Moringa press-cake, a waste byproduct, would fully compete in the market for high-pressure water purification applications.