KME conforms to the International Finance Corporation Framework on Labour and Working Conditions (PS2), and all labour standards under Kenya Law. and is driven by the highest standards of ethical employment possible.


Kilifi Moringa Estates‘ (KME) commitment to their employees goes well beyond the personal ethics of the shareholders and management, beyond even peaceful internal labour relations, reaching deep into the project’s bottom-line:

KME‘s unique market proposition is the socio-economic uplift which it brings to local, rural people. Conformance to these standards is critical to the competitive heart of the company.

Payroll Workers

KME employs over 300 workers on its Estate and provides mechanisms and compensation to guarantee workers’ benefits, comfort, health and occupational safety. KME provides for on-site health, day-care/educational, mealtime and social facilities for workers and their dependent children.

No reasonable expense is spared to ensure that payroll workers are among the most well cared for employees in the County and indeed, the Country.

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More challenging in the conformance strategy is the Out-grower program, which as private contractors, and particularly as private households, presents a higher level of opacity to project mandated working standards.

In this sector, KME is assisted by social practices, standards and penalties. Out-growers are, after all, members of an immediate community whose humanitarian norms are not easily circumvented, and whose sanction is far more effective in practice than well-intended company policy.  KME supports and bolsters these grass-roots standards via incentive and reporting mechanisms which will reward compliance, and penalize habitual transgressions.