Kilifi Moringa Estates is working with the world’s top Cosmetic and Personal Care brands to deliver the quality they need to meet the world’s most demanding customers. Nothing we do goes out the door without the highest quality certification possible.

We nurture Success

Well beyond our supply quality, logistical and price competitiveness, working with Kilifi Moringa Estates delivers on the promise of real and meaningful CSR goals. We can deliver the same-and-better match for bulk off-take contracts with no loss whatsoever, while at the same time bringing CSR goals in line with where you want to go.

For Retail and SME buyers

We’re highly committed to our Retail and Specialty Oil distribution markets. Allowing for a few weeks to develop the website that will service our retail friends, will ensure the very best frictionless supply chain we can devise. Regardless of the market, Kilifi Moringa is committed to meeting your needs.

And coming soon… our retail product range. Anything Moringa, you’ll find it here.