Leaf Products


Leaf Products

Due to its renowned nutritional content, Moringa leaf products have already been fully developed commercially for multiple uses in the Health and Wellness/ Nutritional Supplement Industry, and have been productized as:

  1. Teas and infusions
  2. Health supplements (leaf powder, pills and capsules)
  3. Nutritional supplements and interventions

It is estimated (Forbes, 18/4/2013) that the total size of the Nutritional Supplement market was $32b in 2012, and projected to grow to $60b by 2021.

In particular, the Tea and Infusion segment offers significant opportunity, given the deep store of know-how and experience with tea production in Kenya. KME has identified local resources to lead product development.

KME generates between 10,000–15,000 Kg per year of leaf byproduct (primarily from tree pruning). Doubtless, these quantities will find a ready market, either in finished products or off-take purchase.