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We put miracles to work.

We put miracles to work.

It‘s called Moringa Oleifera, it‘s called Mizungi in the local language. Whatever it‘s called where-ever in the world it‘s grown, it‘s been called a miracle; the richest food crop known; a way of out rural poverty; a vast economic resource. The Miracle tree.

At Kilifi Moringa Estates, we‘ve put the miracle to work. In one of the formerly poorest places in Kenya. Turning lives around, producing life-enhancing products, creating thousands of beautiful reasons to celebrate the miracle of life – of this tree and all those it touches.

Join us on our journey to where miracles happen.



As an internet-search shows, ”Moringa” (Moringa Oleifera) products, from edible leaf to oil-seed, are among the fastest-emerging agricultural commodities in the global marketplace today.

Moringa, ”The Miracle Tree”, is also a one-stop answer to the hardest question in development-economics: how to drive nutritional, health and economic security to the rural poor, in a single, low-cost package, using only local resources – often in marginal areas, and among capital- and educationally limited people. Moringa rises to these challenges as no other crop before. It.

Moringa has been proven in the toughest of circumstances – growing where it is needed most, delivering a nutrient-rich package no other crop can match; thriving in conditions that wastes other crops; and crucially, being a plant well-understood by local people for its benefits. For generations of rural folk, Moringa has long been proven.

Science also supports the claims. From nutritional content to water-purification, Moringa has been researched and tested in laboratories and trials worldwide. The results are universally the same: Moringa is a proven, sustainable answer.

Moringa is also proven in global personal-care product markets: thus, Moringa’s Oil-seed is a vast, economic asset – an oil-bearing cash-crop – an exit from the ”subsistence-slavery” of maize-based rural poverty – for millions of rural poor in low-income countries, the same Moringa plant celebrated for it’s nutrition-value is now a path to economic freedom.

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Moringa to end Poverty.

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