Through our Outgrower Farm Support program, some of the greatest beneficiaries are now-vulnerable groups: Women, Elderly, Handicapped and people living with chronic, but not disabling conditions (e.g. HIV).

Vulnerable Groups

shapeimage_5HIV groups

Kilifi Moringa Estates (KME) currently engages HIV-support groups through its model Outgrower-farm at a local Health Centre. The nutritional package delivered by Moringa Oleifera has long been recognized as a ready, low-cost nutritional intervention in HIV life-support, thus gold-plating it’s additional role in the project’s core objective of creating rural economic drivers.

The Handicapped

shapeimage_4Moringa cultivation is particularly well suited to people who are not fully able-bodied, due to the low labour requirement necessary for cultivation. KME supports these planters from land prep to harvesting, paying them premium prices for yield. Already having exponentially multiplied farm incomes (vs. maize), Disability is no longer Inability.

Elderly and Retirees

BILD1210-filteredSupporting a core tradition of African life, i.e. of retired persons returning to the rural homestead/farm to live out their years, Moringa cultivation provides a low-requirement (esp. labour), high-value package as described preceding. Thus the sad reality of rural, elderly poor is being impacted by KME Outgrower Support programs.

Moringa is well-known to local people: a vast knowledge-base is available, enabling professional input to be focused on advisory goals, which will, in turn, extend and enhance the local knowledge-base

Community Groups

Youth skills development

Being at it’s core a commercial project involving significant technical aspects (oil-seed processing, best-practices crop husbandry, sustainable agro- and facility productivity), Kilifi Moringa Estates (KME) provides a solid foundation for skills development and knowledge transfer to youth, particularly students and/or school-leavers with few other prospects, but strong skills-development motivations.

Community entrepreneurship development

20140720_144441A significant entrepreneurship outcome can be achieved in the research and development of finished cosmetic products for local sale, for which the project will provide a base product (oil), capital and technical inputs. These cottage-level efforts may well, in turn, seed employment-creating SME outcomes.

Community Co-operative Groups

shapeimage_4-1KME has identified co-operatives, particularly womenÏs self-help groups which are able to contract and pool member resources (land, capital) to develop shared objectives. KME’s Outgrower plan is ideally suited to this model and will deliver handsome rewards to members of such initiatives.