kilifi moringa
work the miracle

Model Farms

Three (3) model farms have been set up in Matsangoni location: at the Health Center and on private land belonging to supportive local leaders. In the former case, the set up is ongoing, whereas in the latter, the farms has been planted since February 2014.

Outgrower program

Some 1300+ acres of local land has been committed to Moringa cultivation by local people, including women and retired persons. While the farms have been cleared and public meetings held (below), the actual planting phase awaits sufficient germination stock to populate them (see below).

Support Groups

The above Health Center farm has been set up with the aim, and the help, of supporting a local HIV-support group (”People living with AIDS”). The group will benefit from the economic as well as nutritional drivers inherent in Moringa cultivation, a lifeline for an otherwise socially-marginalized group.

Nursery and plant-stock

KME has developed an extensive seed-germination facility – a nursery – of Moringa plant stock, with a carry-capacity over 24000 plants in various stages of germination and growth. Indeed some 300 plants were recently supplied to the County’s Agriculture Ministry officials for a public distribution at various Kilifi North locations.

Public engagement

Meetings have been held with local plot holders in the pilot area, at which well-attended event the nascent project was explained and questions answered. Arising from this meeting, local people enthusiastically pledged their support, greatly relieved of the unwanted burden of current maize-cultivation.

On the Ground

The proposals, ideas and thinking contained here have been implemented on the ground in the Matsangoni area of Kilifi County – formerly one of the poorest regions on the Coast of Kenya. It’s a Rags-to-Riches story we love to tell.